Berkshire Swing Dance

Here is information on the range of free parking options at St Lukes Parish Hall and those with 2 mins walk of these classes.
Parking Option 1
There is some off-street parking between the pavement and the hall. It's a little awkward to access and limited.
(You may not park beside the church, only beside the hall.)
Parking Option 2
The car park of Pembroke Surgery is on Erleigh Road just across from the hall and we have permission to park from 6.30 pm to end of class - never overnight.
Parking Options 3 and 4
2 minutes walk away, just across Alexandra Road, is Berkshire Healthcare
25 Erleigh Rd. On-street parking is free in this part of Erleigh Road and we have Berkshire Healthcare's permission to park in their large car park from 7.00 pm to end of class - never overnight.

Getting There

35 Erleigh Road, Central Reading, RG1 5LR

From Kings Rd come via Eldon Rd.
From the A4 London Rd take Alexandra Rd.
From Wokingham Rd follow Crescent Rd.
From Shinfield Rd come via Elmhurst Rd.

The Parish Hall is 100 yards from the intersection with Alexandra Rd, between the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Palmer Park.